Our Boutique Bed & Breakfast opens in the spring of 2018

Here you can put your feet up and your phone down, take a walk, read a book, wonder around in our beautiful garden with a glass of champagne in your hand or just sit in our hot tub and stare (you know the good stare, not the crazy kind). Or why not visit the UNESCO World Heritage chalk cliffs of Stevns Klint, a truly amazing place where the history of the earth is revealed in visible layers.
We also do birthdays, smaller conferences in quiet surroundings or just bring your friends down for the weekend and enjoy splendid food and good wines.

We have burning passion for interior decorating and a unique ability to create rooms and environments that people feel at home in and find soothing. Our ultimate wish is to create an experience for you that will leave you feeling relaxed, pampered, well fed and just generally smooth on the inside. 

You will have the possibility to pre-book both dinner and a picnic basket. Dinners will not always be known in advance but tends to vary with what we can get our hands on from the local farmers and the mood of the chef. Some nights he’s Italian, some night he might be French… We do however promise to put our hearts and souls into everything we cook and you can red more about the food here. 

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to keep up with everything that is happening here on the estate (yeah, we like to call in an estate ;). If you want to take a closer look of what you can do in our surroundings, click here
We hope to see you and take care of you soon. Welcome, people! 

The booking is open!

The booking for 2018 is now open so don’t waste any time, go book now! You can book from May 11th and we really don’t have the guts to open any sooner but if we do there might be a sneak premier at the beginning of May. Stay updated! 
Since the rooms are being built as we write this there aren’t really any pics of them yet but since we have an idea of what the will look like we have som indicative pics for you to glare upon. We also try to describe the rooms as well as possible so that you can decide which room to book. The prices vary between the rooms, the season and the good old supply and demand. If you have any questions regarding a larger group of people, a party, a wedding or longer stays, please feel free to contact us at info@thenorrmans.com. 


Now you can follow us and our renovation on our Facebook page "The Norrmans". It's our totally untouched everyday life that you'll find there. At Instagram @thenorrmans you will find a more beautiful and more edited everyday life as well as all that inspires us. Welcome to our world!

Have you ever wondered what Stevns is all about and what on earth there is to do here? Good, because then our summary of what to do here has not been in vain. 
Between pouring concrete floors, building walls or mending between contractors we try to make time to visit our surroundings so that we can give you the best information on how to amuse yourself if you decide to leave the estate for a few hours. 
It´s a very exciting area and you should definitely follow our list that is being updated regularly. 

Be inspired by our Instagram account @thenorrmans

”Thenorrmans” is our flow of pics that inspire us. We search for inspiration everywhere and we often use someone else's fabulous pics to communicate our feeling of beautiful but we also share pics from our renovation and interior decorating here at the estate. So look, enjoy, be inspired and ecstatic. If you want…

This is our definition of beauty! 

We have gathered some of our own renovations from the past years so that you can actually see that we LOVE to renovate and decorate, no bs. Some pics (like the ones from our house north of Copenhagen) are waiting to be published and some (like the one we’re doing now) are waiting to be photographed. 
Do you want help with your interior decorating, don’t hesitate to contact us at our other company  

We hope you find inspiration in our previous homes.