So who are we?

Anna is (according to Lars) a multitalented ball of energy. In addition to being a total sucker for interior decorating she has a rare talent to see how things fit together and how to tie a home together to make it feel cozy and welcoming. To photograph, travel, renovate and to completely lose track of time in the garden are things that she holds very dear. Anna is alla about making people feel welcome and have worked with both sales and customer service so you will be well taken care of, we promise. 

Lars is the self-appointed chef, photographer, burger-aficionado and travel nerd. He loves to spend hours and hours in the kitchen making sure all the flavors come together and can coexist. He can not imagine a life without red wine… Lars also has a passion for interior decorating and works as a sparring partner for Anna when there is one color to choose but 41 different nuances of that same color. We make a pretty good team!  

We met as expat Swedes in Oslo and then decided to move to Copenhagen. After a couple of apartments we moved out of the city to the scenic Strandvejen north of Copenhagen. We sold the house in the summer of 2017 and bought our current house which we moved into on October 1st. We are now in full renovation mode, building all the rooms for the b&b and renovating the main house as well. Follow the journey on Facebook and Youtube- The Norrmans. 

Our idea for this place is to create an environment where you as our guest can feel like home, where you can relax in total comfort, both inside and outside. We want you to forget about the outside world for a while and to just be here. There will be wifi coverage but we encourage you to put your feet up and your phone down. Interact with people or with yourself. Read a book in the garden, sit in the hot tub for a while, take a picnic and go for a bike ride or just relax by the fireplace. 
Maybe you want to gather some friend for your birthday or celebrate a relative. We do that as well. 
If you want to know what there is to do in our surroundings, take a look here. 

We hope we will have the opportunity to take care of you for a while. 
Lots of love / The Norrmans