The garden

During the last couple of years we’ve been looking at numerous farms, estates and houses that could contain our dream of creating a boutique bed & breakfast. We wanted a spacious main house with high ceilings and of course we wanted something that was not already renovated.
The surrounding agricultural buildings had to be spacious enough to house all the rooms we wanted to build since it it is hard to get permits for new buildings on old farmland. We also wanted a garden that was already fully grown  in order to spare us the endless work of creating a garden from scratch.  When we first visited the estate Anna was almost partlyzed with all the beauty the garden had to offer. I think she bought it right there and the without even entering the main house.
Benthe who lived here before us is a famous danish painter and an avid garden nerd. During the ten years she lived here she has created something amazing and its all your to wonder around in. 
A lot of people have asked us if it´s really a good idea to buy a house with such a big garden and at the same time try to build and run a b&b. Well…. In our slightly naive minds we can do anything but not only that. The garden is such an add-on to this otherwise fantastic place and we just know you will love it to. Have your breakfast in the garden, stroll around, play croquet or just sit and fell the calm run down your spine.
The garden will also provide us with a fantastic selection of veggies, fruits and berries that will all be served in some way or another as a part of either the breakfast, picnic or dinner. We hope the garden will speak to you like it speaks to us. 
Below are some early autumn pics of the garden that we have taken to give you a preview. It will be even more amazing in the summer and most certainly best enjoyed live. 
Do you feel that the garden is not your cup of tea? No worries, there´s a lot more to do around

Anna & Lars